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The Guardian’s visual identity for Glastonbury Festival 2019
Art Direction by Michela Comisso for OLIVER Agency

I’ve illustrated the entire look-and-feel for The Guardian’s presence at this year’s Glastonbury festival (2019).
This includes The Guardian's site decoration as well as five limited edition cotton backpacks, which will be given for free with every purchase of a Guardian newspaper at the festival. The Guardian’s bags for Glastonbury are known to be collector items, and are often very popular during the festival.

I worked closely with Michela Comisso, Art Director for OLIVER, The Guardian’s in-house creative agency.
Michela, who carefully oversaw the full project, said:
"The Guardian's partnership with Glastonbury is the biggest of the year and we wanted to commission an illustrator who could really bring this moment to life. We loved Xaviera's bold use of colour, striking style and especially the all-female cast of characters she illustrates."

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