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Xaviera Altena is a Rotterdam-born illustrator currently living and working in Rotterdam.
Her interests include 90’s pop culture/music and cooking,
but above all she has a strong passion to address social issues.
She illustrates them using bold lines and a variety of bright colours.  
She works for various brands and publications, mostly from her home studio.

Brainstorm Radio is also a brainchild from Xaviera, which she curates and manages next to her illustrative work.

Read more about her in these articles: It's Nice That | Kluid Magazine | Cacti Magazine | LM Magazine

Clients include: Die Zeit, Hermès, The Guardian, The New Yorker, MullenLowe, Art Pass London and more.

Xaviera is easy to find on Instagram as @xavieraaltena
and available at xaviera.altena@gmail.com.
She’s represented in France by Sylvie Sodoyer at Tiphaine, and in 
China by Cola Zhang.

All work on this website is owned by Studio Xaviera Altena, please do not copy or use without permission.